You can continue building a Respectful Responsive Relationship with your horse by learning even more about their language... and becoming more fluent in it, will help you win all the horses you handle faster than ever!
You too can win horses loyalty and ?try? while maintaining the role of a Loving Leader.
My clients learn by example the most effective ways to engage in such a 'working relationship' by first recognizing some of the subtleties that even the most experienced horse people don?t like to think they?re missing.
You can see first hand how to most constructively address all the most challenging stages of your horses training. Using these techniques to open new lines of communication in the context of a real ?WORKING RELATIONSHIP? will earn you your horses 'try', respect and loyalty for life.
Opening a NEW relationship with a more clear and concise form of communication with your horse, really is the only way to help them attain the potential you see in them.
Will train at your location or mine. Free Consultations!